Friday, January 2, 2009

18th July 2008...Friday

Guest Episode...

The Smile of Goyang City, we'll never forget!!!

Please remember our friendship with this photo!!!

Seoul to Ilsan...

Visit Goyang City Youth Centre.

Visit Iisandong-gu District Office & Homestay meeting.

Performance by delegates...

My Family...

Haenjusanseong Fortness

Bamgasi Thatched Roof Folklore House

Tonight,our dinner @ home!!

Photography @ hosu (Lake) park.

dancing...@ lake :Latin song!Leave my footprints on the streets of Goyang!!!

Music Fountain

Located at Ilsan Lake Park in Ilsandong district,Goyang city.Music Fountain was constructed in April,2004 on a grand scale with 50m in width and 4m in height. It presents a spectacular view when water branches spout out 35m from the ground. The Music Fountain comparises Singing Fountain, Variation Fountain, Stair Fountain and Floor fountain. It shown more than 500 different kinds of fountain sceneries with a variety of lighting and tuning with orchestral music. With the blending of the sorrounding beautiful Ilsan Lake Park and cool spouting water branches.The Music Fountain is loved as a rest place for citizens and spotlighted as a tourist attraction for domestic and foreignvisitors and tourists.

we are trio of smile!!!

Omma making traditional Korean fans...

Goyang - City of International Elegance..

The beauty of Homestay, "Running into Different worlds"...>>
Various experiences through Homestay of Goyang City!!! During the tour, the smile i meet,which will last until the end,has the power of making me feel comfortable. The smile I received from the city most desired for living, will last a lifetime...

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