Friday, January 2, 2009

17th July 2008...

3rd day in Korea...

Practice after breakfast in Ibis Hotel

Visit Korea Development Institute

Mosque in Korea!!!

Luncheon...@ dinner???

N Seoul Tower
N Seoul Tower is ready to entertain you at the top of Seoul.

N Seoul Tower is at the center of Seoul,Korea,providing pleasure and satisfaction.Standing at the top of Mt. Namsan in the heart of Seoul, N Seoul Tower provides the city's highest viewpoint. It was Korea's first integrated communication tower, transmitting TV and FM radio signals for the metroplitan area since it was constructed in 1969. Nearly 48% of the people in Korea benefit from its antenna for various local and nationwide FM and TV broadcasting stations such as KBS,SBS andMBC. Since opened to the public in 1980 as a hybrid recreational/cultural complex, the Tower has become the symbol of Seoul and has played a role as tha city's most recognizable landmark and popular tourist attraction.

so much to see!!!

N Seoul Tower is the world's third tallest tower, standing 360meters above sea level.Take it all in from there.It's interesting,frightening,and beautiful at the same time!!

Embassy of Malaysia

Goh's Befdayz

Dancing Training...

Preparation performance...till 1.00am

i dont know how to Zapin' Dance

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